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Personal and professional development

Want to think about yourself in a caring and secure atmosphere?

  • In small groups of 8 persons maximum

  • Combining theorical contributions, practical exercises and sharing experiences, these workshops allow you to walk serenely towards “the best version of yourself”.

Our Workshops

Who am I ? What is my personality type? What affect my behavior? How better to align them to live in line with my aspirations, especially under stress?

What are the components of self-esteem? Where are my areas of improvement and how can I develop them?

What is assertiveness? In what cases does it fail me? How can I develop it in any circumstance (public talking, self-presentation, job interview, …)

What are my resources? Which ones do I rely on and which ones I want to strengthen? Methods and means to achieve this.

What drives me? What are my deep aspirations? What technical and personal skills do I have to implement my life project and achieve my professional and personal goals?

Am I an optimistic person? What are the benefits of developing optimism and how can it be achieved? Meditation, mindfulness, positive thinking.

What are the differences between beliefs and values? What are mine and how do they guide my choices, actions and behaviors? How to soften them when they are “limiting” me?

What is an emotion? Know how to recognize and name them. Learn how to accept them and understand what they tell us to better manage them.