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The Mindfulness meditation

A very ancient technique of mediation in which the body and the mind are interconnected to dissolve the impurities of the mind and which makes possible to reach a state of mental purity and may result to a divine, unconditional love.

Through direct experience, we understand the nature of how we progress or regress, how we produce suffering, or how releasing it.Life is characterized by increased awareness, lack of illusions, self-control, peace and freedom.The results come gradually, by a regular practice and it is not realistic to expect that all problems will be solved in a short time.
The application of Vipassana is important in everyday life. The more we practice, the more we release and approach the goal : total liberation.
It teaches us to be in the present moment and to be aware of every choice we do in our lives through the doors of Vakog, our 5 senses through the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, physical body, our mind…
This allows us to increase our level of attention and perception to a very high level. We are then able to see the nature of the body and the mind, the physical and mental phenomena that we make.
“True nature” means the impermanence of dissatisfaction and the insubstantiality or lack of immutable self. This allows us to reduce our attachment to the body and its attributes, to the reign of the image and to self-worship. By working on this ego that sticks us a mask.

It becomes possible through concentration because without it things escape to us.
It’s difficult at first because the mind is very difficult to control. The many distractions of parasitic thoughts are the biggest enemies of beginner meditators. When these distractions have unfolded, they have become thoughts, noises, smells, we must also consider it as the objects of meditation, note them and observe them, without annoyance or discouragement.

Patience and perseverance are the two necessary virtues to develop this practice.

The great result is mindfulness…

Guided meditation

Photo : Louise Goossens

Guided Meditation