Let’s start with the definition of creators (Payette and Champagne) of this approach :

“It is a development approach for people who believe they can learn from each other in order to improve their professional practice. Reflection, individually and in groups, is facilitated by a structured consultation exercise that addresses issues experienced by the participants. ”

Together we create the conditions for solving group problems that, through collective reasoning, leads to the learning of a cooperative functioning, as well as a solidarity and culture of transversality in the company. Everyone can discover his ways of progress in listening to others and the relationship of help.

The co-development group assumes participants who cooperate and develop in their professional practice together.

We work on the basis of projects, not on the basis of theoretical concepts.

The involvement of everyone is immediately strong and amazing.

Problems sometimes old, or that seemed blocked, are looked at differently and suddenly find a way out.

We are oriented towards solution, decision and action.

Sessions favor the return on result as well as the evolution of each one. Collective and individual aspect present throughout the process.

The goal is to discover what collective intelligence and the facilitation of change can be.

The simplicity of the process can be an illusion but it is very real.

Co-development “codev” therefore corresponds to a defined methodology and must be distinguished from other approaches that may be “parent” but clearly different, such as practice analysis groups, co-coaching, intervision, or group coaching.