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Why “Brief”?


•It is limited in time

This coaching / therapy is proposed over five to six sessions, it aims to mobilize the capacities to change, help the person to better use the qualities, skills and resources at his disposal. The coach’s job is to facilitate access to the first changes.

•It is concrete

This coaching approach emphasizes the concrete aspects, the lived situations and the capacities expressed or potential to discover inside of us. In a session, the coach will invite you to debrief the actions decided at the previous session ; he will invite working on the present ; he will promote operational work on real life situations. Between the sessions, the coaching continues while testing new experiences (skills and resources mobilization).

•What is a “holistic therapy”?

This term comes from the Greek “Holos” which means “Whole” and “Therapeia” meaning “Care”.
It is therefore the art of taking caring of the whole person (body, mind, spirit and emotions) in the quest for optimal health and welness.
Help is about understanding where balance has broken and needs to be re-established so that harmony can re-establish itself, both in your physical body and in your mind.
This approach is a complement to traditional medicine, putting the person at the center of the process.
To take charge of one’s destiny is to be aware of every sign, physical or mental, that can tell us if we are in balance with our way of living, choosing, thinking, behaving, nourishing ourselves.The different orientations I suggest during the coaching/therapy sessions are:


“Talking about problems creates problems, talking about solutions creates solutions.”
“We do not solve a problem with the thought patterns that have engendered it,” Albert Einstein.
It seems basic.
In the spirit of Steve de Shazer, creator of TOS (Solution Oriented Therapy), and the founding father of conversational hypnosis, Milton Erickson, Dr. Alain Vallée, author of “Practical Handbook of Solutions-Oriented Therapy, Dialogues and Stories”, we deliver a tool of choice in the context of brief therapy. Psychiatrist, systemician, master in the art of exercising hypnosis, his thought was enriched by the influence of authors such as Spinoza and Swami Prajnanpad.
These figures, humanistic and inspiring, are the guides of my deep reflections and practices. The analysis of solutions, the “how to do” to do better is at the center of the work by identifying and amplifying resources. For having experienced the twists and turns of psychoanalysis, dissecting the genesis of problems, no longer seems necessary.

The Appreciative Inquiry, the Clean Language, the connection to the Inner Child, to Resource Places are all tools and approaches that help the therapist / patient pair on the path of evolution.
Convinced by these methods, I want to apply them as close as the right answer to the requests of my consultants.


Readers are invited to take a moment to view this report on meditation.
The astonishing virtues of meditation :

Inspired by ten years of Yoga, Meditation, Energy Practices since the discovery of Reiki and methods related to meditation Mindfulness and Vipassana, development and increase of consciousness. Buddhism philosophy is also very present by the impact of its thought rooted in “here and now”.
At the request of the person, we will be able to work in sessions only based on the conversation (in the companies especially) or, according to the demand, in Hypnosis or to start on an energetic treatment.

•Access Bars

Is a method designed to facilitate in each of us a greater openness to consciousness by the immediate release of negative memories. 32 acupressures points on the head are touched smoothly linking Bars (activation of symmetrical points). INTENSE RELAXATION frees the electromagnetic charge that holds up the thoughts, considerations, conclusions, attitudes, emotions and feelings that you have accumulated and that limit you in different areas.

Brief Therapy