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Isabelle, your coach, offers her support on the path to change, for those who wish to evolve and make changes to one or more aspects of themselves.
To find the inner talents and resources that drive us to the best version of ourselves: this the basic principle of healing …

Isabelle has a degree in Political Science (Brussels), is certified in professional coaching (Lyon), Photography, NLP, Hypnosis (Paris), and has explored several therapeutic tools all related to energy (Reiki, Access Bars Consciousness, Mindfulness, Vipassana Meditation in Annecy, Brussels and Zurich). Her “driving idea” is that mankind has a capacity to permanent self-empowerment. That’s the reason why during her professional reconversion, providing support to others defined the course of her professional career: professional coaching, her support through brief therapy and facilitation.

Her know-how is at the service of individuals, managers and entrepreneurs. She has experience with international organizations, or supporting private entrepreneurs launching new ventures, that she is now broadening by accompanying people using brief or holistic therapy.

She is investing a lot of her time in the practice of developing collective intelligence, or “doing together”, based on combining personal talents to serve a group driven by common goals.

Co-development (« Co-Dev ») is one of the services she offers.
Her methods of work are based on her experience acquired over the years : tools for professional and private coaching, NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis, guided meditation and many ways thanks to readings in the field of Neuroscience, inspired by personal research. The energy approach of coaching is always present, along with conversational therapy.

Isabelle is in constant personal development: continuous training, always working in collaboration with her peers, numerous readings, studies and research.

Recently initiated and certified in THETA HEALING ©, meditation therapy based on meditation under Theta induced brainwaves.

Everything you say and do is regulated by the frequency of brainwaves, continually moving in our head. Sleep, meditation, deep relaxation occur under theta waves, and it is at these times that we are most likely to self-treat. It is also under thetas that we can co-create, for ourselves and for others. It is then time to release the beliefs that limit our lives and infuse the feelings that give us power over ourselves.
This might seem abstract for some but the experience and new theses in neuroscience, quantum science and epigenetics move us towards the realization of these methods, and their theoretical and empirical validity.